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Log into your Instagram account.On the Dashboard screen, you can instantly see the users you interact with most and the posts with the most comments and likes

2---Interaction menu

In the interaction menu, you can see the relationship between followers and the users you follow, the followers who liked and liked the posts the least, Here you can find the likes you like without following you, the posts you have been tagged with, your comments on the post and the ones you like, and more. signincode.png

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3---Story Menu

In the story menu, you can access the tracking reports of your stories quickly while you secretly watch the users' stories. Also, your stories are archived in the app, and you can always access your watch reports.

Owubash Rewards

4--Media Menu

In the menu of media, you can quickly review the performance of your posts. The least liked, the least commented etc. You can access many analyzes from here. You can view user profiles in the app, view, download and repost users' posts. .